Software Reflections Math Test Creator

Math Test Creator allows teachers and parents to create many different types
of math tests. These tests are designed for students of grades 1st-7th.
The math tests are created quickly and come with the answer sheet.

Math Test Creator Available Features Chart
Available Feature 3.0 Evaluation Demo 3.1 Free Edition 3.1 Professional Edition
Addition Test: Positive Numbers Yes Yes Yes
Addition Test: Negative Numbers Yes - Yes
Addition Test: Positive/Negative Numbers Yes - Yes
Subtraction Test: Positive Numbers - Yes Yes
Subtraction Test: Negative Numbers - - Yes
Subtraction Test: Positive/Negative Numbers - - Yes
Comparison Test: Positive Numbers - Yes Yes
Comparison Test: Negative Numbers - - Yes
Comparison Test: Positive/Negative Numbers - - Yes
Multiplication Test - Yes Yes
Division Test - Yes Yes
Exponent Test - - Yes
Two-Step Math Test (Ex. 1+(2+2))= Yes Yes Yes
Up To 3 Levels of Testing Difficulty - - Yes
Up To 40 Questions on Basic Math Tests - - Yes
Up To 20 Questions on Advanced Math Tests - - Yes

Math Test Creator Available Downloads
Math Test Creator Version Edition VB6 Run Time Files Terms Screenshot
Image Download 3.0 Demo Image Download Image View Image View
Image Download 3.1 Free Image Download Image View Image View
Image DownloadImage 3.1 Professional Image Download Image View Image View