Software Reflections Universal Explorer Database

The Universal Explorer Database was developed for but is not limited to the following organizations:

  • EMT Explorers
  • Fire Explorers
  • Police Explorers
  • Rescue Explorers
  • Scout Explorers

    The Universal Explorer Database is utilized to quickly and effectively input, access,
    retrieve and process all aspects of Explorer information. The Universal Explorer Database
    manages all of the Explorer Meetings, Events, Hours, Inventory and Explorer Awards.

    The Universal Explorer Database quickly generates professionally designed reports based on the
    Explorer Information within the database, and in doing so, saves time. The reports generated
    by the database and quick access to the database information, will save money which over time,
    the database will pay for itself.

    The Universal Explorer Database incorporates many key features:

  • User Friendly Controls
  • Consistent Design
  • Professional Results
  • Single User Benefits
  • Network Compatible
  • Database Help Support
  • 24-Hour Online Documentation
  • Designed for Upgrades

    The Universal Explorer Database incorporates these brand NEW features:

  • Now even more Reports!
  • One click Reports!
  • Detailed Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Chart Reports
  • Graphical Pie Reports
  • Code has been fine tuned to work more productively.
  • Database works more efficient resulting in less work done by the user!

    The Universal Explorer Database incorporates the following advanced technical features:

  • Relational Database System
  • Enforced Referential Integrity
  • Back End Locked Protection
  • Structured Query Language
  • Visual Basic for Applications

    This Evaluation Demo allows for Explorer Organizations to experience first hand, how quickly
    and effectively the database can access, process and retrieve Explorer information.

Universal Explorer Database 2000 Terms View

As of september 2004 the Universal Explorer Database Download has been made exclusively
available for Explorer Organizations only. To download the Evaluation Demo please send an
e-mail requesting the download link. Please supply the
Explorer Organization you belong to aswell as your role within the Organization.